Since 2010

Our history

How it all started

Ape Stuff was born as a group of friends in a rafting competition on the Mendoza river (Argentina) who wanted to get equipment to compete. Seeing us having difficulties in this task, one of our members, with the support of the entire team, decided to embark on the adventure of making clothing and flotation aids.

It was quite a challenge, since we had zero knowledge of sewing and we started using a sewing machine from 1925… But everything worked out and in 2010 we started making our own material. This made us feel safer and more comfortable, and pushed us and our athletes to adventure. This is how we created the “from athletes for athletes”.

With a lot of specific knowledge, we managed to generate a carefully designed product, which has also been tested by elite athletes before reaching the market. Of course, complying with quality and safety standards, providing something different for this medium, such as their designs and customizations.

Thank you so much!

This project could not have been possible without all the people who have supported us through the years. Thank you for cutting fabric with us, delivering vests, preparing the mate, sewing until the wee hours, accompanying us on trips, trying out vests, encouraging us, giving us new ideas, sharing our follies and, above all, thanks for always walking with us.


We introduce ourselves, we are a group of adventurers who are lucky to be able to dedicate ourselves to what we like the most.
When something is done with passion, things like these arise… a great team and incredible projects.

Dario Pagano «PATO»


Founder of APE, he is an entrepreneur without limits. He is passionate about the river, which is why he makes the vests better and better for those who use them.

He prefers to sail and not walk.

You can talk to him and spend hours because he is an open book and if it is with a very cold coke he will be very happy.

Rebeca Lorca «REBE»


Founder of APE together with her partner Pato, they began to make their dream come true. She began to discover the world of whitewater by competing in rafting and thanks to her friends, today she enjoys working as a rafting guide.

Logistics, sales and social networks are always present on her day.

She loves adventures, photography and learning new stories.

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